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The City of South Fulton Public Works Department is committed to providing quality service to its citizens. The department is dedicated to sustaining and protecting the city’s resources, maintaining and upgrading the city’s infrastructure and making improvements in the city to improve the quality of life.               

The Department of Public Works can be contacted 24/7 at 470-552-4311     

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Maintenance coordinated through this department:

1. Construction and Maintenance:

Road Maintenance
Bridge Maintenance 
Gravel Road Maintenance 
Drainage System Maintenance
Right -of-Way Maintenance 

2. Traffic Operations

Traffic Signal Maintenance
Roadway & Facility Sign Fabrication, Installation & Maintenance 
ATMS and ITS Systems
Pavement Markings
Traffic Studies

Field Services Division

Field Services is responsible for maintaining the City’s roads, bridges, drainage structures, and rights of way. The division plays a key role in emergency operations, and is responsible for road maintenance, and landscaping on road medians and some rights of way.


Maintenance of streets and roads, drainage structures, and rights of way involve multiple jobs, such as:

  • Roadway – pothole repair, sidewalk and curb     reconstruction, street sweeping, snow and ice management debris removal     from under bridges, and pavement reconstruction
  • Right of Way – tree trimming, grass cutting, and litter     pick-up services on public rights of way.
  • Stormwater – clearing ditches, storm drain pipes, catch     basins, detention/retention ponds, outfalls.

Emergency Operations

Field Services helps keep roads open in emergencies, such as snow and ice storms, flooding, sink holes and downed trees.

Emergency field or road service calls should be reported to 470-552-4311.


The Field Services group oversees the maintenance of roadsides and medians. Right-of-way mowing, tree and brush removal within the public right-of-way.