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The City of South Fulton Public Works Department is committed to providing quality service to its citizens. The department is dedicated to sustaining and protecting the city’s resources, maintaining and upgrading the city’s infrastructure and making improvements in the city to improve the quality of life. The Department of Public Works can be contacted 24 hours a day, seven days a week at (470) 552-4311.

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During the November 2021 election voters across Fulton County will be asked to decide if they want to continue funding local transportation projects through the collection of a $0.0075 sales tax known as TSPLOST or Transportation Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax. If approved by voters, the TSPLOST would be effective from April 2022 to March 2027.

TSPLOST proceeds would be distributed to Fulton County and its cities (excluding Atlanta) based on the resident population. Based on current projections, it is estimated that the 2021 TSPLOST would generate $31 Million to fund transportation improvements in East Point. County-wide, it is estimated that the 2021 TSPLOST would generate $545 Million to be invested in transportation projects.

Breakdown of how the City of South Fulton would use TSPLOST funds

Proposed 2022 TSPLOST Projects

Fulton County TSPLOST Dashboard

Fulton County and the 14 cities within Fulton County are committed to transparency in the TSPLOST (Transportation Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax) program. The TSPLOST dashboard is designed to offer insight into the cost, spending, and timeline information on TSPLOST projects. This tool will assist Fulton County in its goal of continually improving the availability and usability of information and data to our citizens, businesses, and municipal governments.

View the Fulton County TSPLOST dashboard


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City of South Fulton Roundabouts

The City of South Fulton is planning and executing a number of Roundabouts throughout the city.  The graphic below depicts examples of roundabouts and will show you the benefits they bring to the community.

page 1 of Roundabouts with pedestrians and bicycles

page 2 of Roundabouts with pedestrians and bicycles