Public Information Officer

The City of South Fulton Police Department (SFPD) is committed to informing the community and members of the news media of events that are handled by, or involve, the Department. The Public Information Officer (PIO) position was created to serve as a liaison between the South Fulton Police Department, the news media, and the public.

Media Relations
Public information and positive media relations are an integral part of the operation of any public service agency and SFPD is no exception. The release of public information, transparency, maintenance of good media relations is a crucial element of our mission. The media has a legitimate function in our society and the public trust of the police can be enhanced through media relations.

In coordination with other Department units, the PIO posts press releases and other newsworthy items on our Facebook page.

  1. Rogers, Derrick

    Lt. D. Rogers

    Public Information Officer

  2. Rogers, Jubal

    Lt. J. Rogers

    Public Information Officer