South Fulton Cyber Security Tips

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Securing your wireless network/Internet:

  • Change the name of your network from the manufacturer's default
  • Change the default password to something at least 12 characters, numbers, mixed case
  • For WIFI, under the security settings use WPA2
  • When needed for visitors, setup a guest network for your guest and disable it when it is not in use
  • For Internet of Things, just because it can connect doesn't mean it should. Ensure there is a clear benefit if you connect your fridge, TV, toaster to your guest network
  • Avoid connecting IOT devices to your internal network and connect these items to your guest network
  • Make sure your equipment including connected devices, computers, phones, internet browsers, applications and WIFI routers security patches and operating systems are up to date. Automatic updates is highly recommended.
  • Ensure all devices have an antivirus and/or firewall installed