Information Technology

The Information Technology Department is the foundational core of the City’s Technology. It is likely that every department, employee, partner, citizen and visitor of the City of South Fulton interacts with or depends on the technology the Information Technology provides and supports. Information Technology is responsible for managing all technical services and relationships including but not limited to: Building Network Connectivity, Mobile and Voice Over Internet Protocol Phones (VoIP), Internet and Security, Desktop Management, Mobile Device Management, Application Management, Cloud Services Management, Network Hardware, Technology Administration, etc.


The mission of the City of South Fulton Information Technology Department is to provide foundation technology services that are secure, innovative and scalable while providing guidance for enhancing individual technology abilities building a more efficient operation across our word class city.


The Information Technology Department demonstrates the following values:

  • Promote Cohesiveness, Interoperability, and Innovation: We honor innovation that promotes interoperability and cohesiveness and are committed to the success of our departments, leaders, citizens and visitors.
  • Focus on Operational and Technological Security: We have a passion for customers service and technology and are committed to providing open technical services and access in a secure manner through diligence, partnerships and downright hard work.
  • Embrace Smart City Technology: We are open to all possibilities of technology improvements to assist the City’s service delivery model and foster collaboration and creative ideas.


The Information Technology Department is responsible for the management of all technology services for the City.


  • Continue to enhance our business continuity, cyber security and technology capabilities in support of the smart communities in efforts to provide world class service.
  • Implement technology programs that will streamline operational efficiency and transparency.
  • Partner with departments as they continue to enhance their operations to provide the best of class technology service while ensuring we move forward holistically across the City.
  • Implement and manage technology policy, process and procedures effectively and efficiently, while maintaining customer satisfaction and meeting budget constraints.
  • Ensure technology performance management processes are designed and executed to align and maximize departmental goals with technology resources in line with the City’s strategic plan.


•   95% Up time for all technology services

•   Create and implement a technical training program that will set a foundation for a more 

technically sound and secure operation across the City

•   Provide technical capabilities and opportunities to assist in improving the efficiencies of all 

departments and their services

•   Ensure we are maintain compliancy with regulatory guidelines that the City must

abide by