Facility Rental Questions

Where do I go to reserve a room, pavilion, or field?

All rentals are conducted through the department’s CivicRec online registration system (http://secure.rec1.com/GA/south-fulton-ga/catalog), and subject to approval through the administrative office. You can also contact our Administrative Office at 470-809-PARK (7275)

Can I bring a grill to a City of South Fulton Park?

Yes, grills are permitted.

Can I bring tents?

Yes, tents are permitted.

Can I serve alcoholic beverages at my event?

Per the City’s Parks Ordinance: Alcoholic beverages. It shall be unlawful for any person to possess and/or consume any alcoholic beverage, or be under the influence of alcoholic, malt and/or vinous beverage, within any City park and/or within any building under the supervision of the Parks & Recreation Director unless such usage is expressly permitted by signage or published rules of the particular park or recreation building and approved by the City Council.

Are animals, (Horses, ponies, etc.), permitted in the park?

No, livestock is not permitted.

Are the pavilions on a first come, first serve basis, or are they reserved?

Pavilions are first come, first serve, but there is an option to reserve them. If reserved they are for the party/parties that have reserved it for specific day and time.

What time is the park open?

All parks are open from dawn until dusk.

Do we reserve the open areas of the park?

No, we only reserve pavilions, multipurpose rooms, and fields.

Do fields have to be reserved?

For general use they do not need to be reserved but please check for availability through the Administrative Office (470-809-PARK (7275)). For organized team or league activities a reservation or permit is required.

Can we bring outside food in the multipurpose rooms?

Yes, you are allowed to bring outside food.

Do the hours of our rental include the set up and clean up time?

Yes, the hours do include set up and clean up.

Is the security deposit amount refunded?

Yes, providing that the room is clean, has no damages, and is in the condition it was before the rental.

Who do I contact if I have a dispute or a conflict about my rental, P&R staff or police?

(Police and staff members have notifications of rentals at each site) If you have an issue, please contact the P&R staff on site or the police.

How long can we reserve the multipurpose rooms?

All parks close at 11:59, and this is the latest that any park can hold a rental.

If we reserve a pavilion, can we stay after our reserved time?

Yes, if time permits and if there are no reservations afterwards. If there is no reservation pavilions are first come first serve during park hours.

How can I find out more about renting a facility or pavilion?

If you would like more information about facility and pavilion rentals please call 470-809-PARK (7275) and they can provide additional details and/or direct you as to rentals.