Older Americans Board


The Board shall consist of at least three members who shall be appointed by the City Council as follows:

  • Each member of the City Council may serve or appoint a person, annually, to serve as a member of the Older Americans Board.
  • Each appointed member of the Older Americans Board shall reside in the City during their term.                                                                                               

Shall serve a term commencing on the date of their appointment and ending upon the conclusion of activities related to that corresponding year’s Older Americans Week Event. 

MemberAppointed byAppointment Date to Term Expiration

 VACANTCouncilwoman Rowell
(District 1)

Councilwoman Gumbs
(District 2)

Ms. Deborah Robinson Herring Councilwoman Willis
(District 3)
January 28, 2020 to December 31, 2020
Councilwoman Gilyard
(District 4)

Ms. Pat Smith Councilman Reeves
(District 5)
January 28, 2020 to December 31, 2020
VACANTCouncilman Khalid
(District 6)

VACANT Councilman Baker
(District 7)


The Older Americans Board is responsible for planning and organizing one or more family-friendly events to occur annually during Older Americans Week, designated as the fourth week of May.