Zoning Code

Fulton County GIS

To find out the zoning of your property, access the City of South Fulton GIS mapping system.

Once you click on a property, three attributes are shown:

Zoning District

The City of South Fulton is currently utilizing Fulton County's Zoning Resolution.

Zoning Petition

Sometimes when a parcel is rezoned, its rezoning is approved with conditions. If this box is empty, there are no special conditions placed on the property. If this box contains a case number, please contact our department for more information.

Zoning Overlay

The City currently has several different overlay districts. If this box is empty, your property is not subject to additional overlay requirements. If this box contains the name of an overlay district, utilize the Fulton County Zoning Resolution link above to read your applicable regulations.

Zoning Certification Application

View our Zoning Certification Application (PDF)

Helpful Information

*Note that this database serves informational purposes only, and official zoning certification may be provided by the department. 

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