Zoning Applications

The City of South Fulton reviews 4 types of zoning requests:


Applicant requests to rezone parcel(s) from one zoning district to another; heard by both Planning Commission and Mayor and City Council. For additional information call 470 -809-7700. 
Rezoning Schedule link here

Use Permits

Applicant requests to operate a use that is neither permitted by right nor restricted, but is allowed through public process; heard by both Planning Commission and Mayor and City Council. For additional information call 470 -809-7700. 
Use Permit Schedule link here


Parcel has special conditions previously placed on it, and applicant wishes to modify, delete, or add to the existing list of conditions; heard by Mayor and City Council only. For additional information call
470 -809-7700.
Modification Schedule link here


Applicant wishes to increase, reduce, or eliminate building height maximum, buffers, parking requirements and/or setbacks. Variances; heard by Zoning Board of Appeals only. For additional information call
470 -809-7700.
Variance schedule link here

For access to applications and forms for the above zoning requests, click here

Submitting an Application

Prior to submitting your application, contact Ryan Anderson at [email protected] to schedule a Pre-Application Meeting. Select the links to access the application forms. The last page of each application provides the due dates and meeting schedule. 

Pre Application Process

Pre-application meetings are intended to aid prospective applicants in understanding the required rules and regulations that apply to their project and to reveal potential problems. The goal of providing a pre-application meeting is to make the permitting process as efficient and understandable as possible. 

Click here for - Pre-Application page

Zoning Certification Letter

Applicant requests a statement from the Planning & Zoning Division that identifies and describes the zone in which a property is located and may include information about the permitted uses in the zone. Please submit request online through Sages.Gov. For additional information call 470 -809-7700.

Click here for - Zoning Certification Application