Zoning Applications

The City of South Fulton reviews 4 types of zoning requests:


Rezone is the action of changing the zone or zoning classification assigned to property for the purpose of land use. Rezoning petitions are heard by both Planning Commission and Mayor and City Council. For additional information call 470 -809-7700. 
Rezoning Schedule link here

Re-zoning Flowchart

Special Use Permit (SUP)

Special Use Permits allow a specific use that may be omitted as permitted under specific zoning district classifications. SUP petitions are heard by both Planning Commission and Mayor and City Council. For additional information call 470 -809-7700. 
Use Permit Schedule link here

Zoning Modification (ZM)

Zoning Modification is a modification of a condition or conditions to a rezoning or SUP where public interest has been determined. Zoning Modification petitions are heard by Mayor and City Council only. For additional information call 470 -809-7700.
Modification Schedule link here


Variance is an appeal to standards in the Zoning Ordinance due to size, shape, or topography issues. Variance petitions may be considered stand-alone action or concurrently with applications for re-zoning or special use permits. Variance requests are heard by Zoning Board of Appeals only. For additional information call 470 -809-7700.
Variance schedule link here

For access to applications and forms for the above zoning requests, click here

Submitting an Application

Prior to submitting your application, contact City Staff at [email protected] to schedule a Pre-Application Meeting. Select the links to access the application forms. 

Pre Application Process

Pre-application meetings are intended to aid prospective applicants in understanding the required rules and regulations that apply to their project and to reveal potential problems. The goal of providing a pre-application meeting is to make the permitting process as efficient and understandable as possible. 

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Zoning Certification Letter

Applicant requests a statement from the Planning & Zoning Division that identifies and describes the zone in which a property is located and may include information about the permitted uses in the zone. Please submit request online through Sages.Gov. For additional information call 470 -809-7700.

Click here for - Zoning Certification Application