Letter from the Mayor

Mayor Edwards at Desk

“Moving Forward with an Efficient and Effective Government.”

A heart full thank you is extended to the citizens, City Council, and City staff along with the business, philanthropic and faith-based communities for allowing me the opportunity to serve as the Mayor of this wonderful city. Signs of progress are everywhere. As your leader, the accomplishments listed are not mine alone but ours, based on what I heard you say were significant issues to be addressed in starting up and leading a new city government. I can say without a doubt in the history of my 30+ years in public service, leading the City of South Fulton has been nothing short of the most humbling experience of my life.

During my oath of office and my many interactions with individual citizens, communities and governmental entities, I promised to lead a city government that works for everyone.  In the pages that follow, you will see that we have created an aggressive agenda focused on transitioning to city-hood and putting the necessary infrastructure in place to govern a new city. With that said, just as with an existing city, jobs, fiscal sustainability, children and public safety are always at the forefront of my agenda.

We have heard from the people of the City of South Fulton and we are vigorously moving ahead to respond. The City Council and I are taking action to deliver a world-class city where everyone matters. We are setting a solid foundation for generations to come.  

In the weeks, months and years to come, I look forward to working with City Council, our many community partners, and most importantly, you. 

William “Bill” Edwards
City of South Fulton, Georgia