Appear in Virtual Court

Welcome to the City of South Fulton’s Virtual Court. To learn more about how the court operates, please visit the virtual court page.

Regular court decorum is expected in all virtual sessions. Your appearance should be neat and clean. No hats, hair bonnets, or tank tops are allowed, and eating, drinking, and chewing gum are prohibited. Please silence your cell phone.

Court Session Info

To enter virtual court please use the Meeting ID found on your citation or notice you received from the Clerk of Court via mail.   Below are links to common virtual court dates.  Please use the appropriate meeting ID at the date and time listed on your citation or notice.  

Please note you cannot attend court early or on a date different than what was assigned to you on your citation or court notice. 

If you have questions about your court date, missed your court date, or need to update your address so that you can get your notice please contact the Clerk of Court at 470-809-7400 or email  Please include your name and citation number in all communications. 

Court Session Instructions

Upon entering the meeting ID you will be placed in a waiting room.  Please read and follow the waiting room instructions and wait until you are admitted into the courtroom.  You may not be admitted immediately and should wait until your case is accepted into the courtroom.  

If you are not familiar with Zoom, it is a free application that can be used from a computer, tablet, and most smartphones.  If you are not familiar with zoom please visit here before your court date so you are prepared for court. 

Enter Virtual Court 

To enter the virtual courtroom please use this link  and enter the Meeting ID on your citation or notice.  

Courts Opens in new windowENTER VIRTUAL COURT

Common meeting IDs for virtual court.   

Plea & Arraignment Calendar every Tuesday and Thursday at 9:30 am and 1:30 pm 

  • 470 809 7400

Diversion Calendar every 1st Monday of the Month at 10 am (except city holidays) 

  • Meeting ID: 829 5991 0358

Code Enforcement Municipal Court Calendar every 2nd Monday of the Month at 10 am (except city holidays) 

  • Meeting ID: 470 809 7400

School Zone Citation Calendar – Every 1st Wednesday of the Month  

  • 9 am Calendar Meeting ID: 864 3895 6146   
  • 1 pm Calendar Meeting ID: 853 8962 5785

Bench Trial Calendar – 3rd or 4th Monday of the Month (varies due to holidays) at 10 am 

  • Meeting ID: 470 809 7400

Probation Calendar – date varies 

  • Meeting ID: 470 809 7400 


Not sure which court date to attend – please review your notice for the correct court hearing or contact the Clerk of Court prior to your court date.