Code of Ethics

The City Clerk handles the collection and management of documents related to ethics filings pursuant to the City’s ethics ordinance. Complaints may be filed only by residents of the City and any complaint filed by any other person shall be dismissed.

Complaint Timelines

The City Clerk shall serve the complaint on the City official charged within two business days after receipt of a proper, verified complaint.

Submit an Ethics Complaint

Related Documents

ORD 2018-052 Amended Ethics Ordinance (As amended January 8, 2019)

ORD 2019-019 Amendment to Ethics Ordinance 7.09.2019

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    S. Diane White, CMC

    City Clerk
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  2. corey adams 10x dsc_1765

    Corey Adams, MPA

    Deputy City Clerk
    Phone: 470-809-7711

  3. Renardo Paschal

    Records Administrator
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  4. Ardra Tolbert-Caldwell

    Executive Assistant to the City Clerk
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  5. City Clerk's Office

    5440 Fulton Industrial Blvd SW, Atlanta, GA 30336
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