Finance & Administrative Services


The Finance and Administrative Services Department is responsible for providing oversight and support for the City’s financial, administrative, and technology operations.

Financial and administrative services assure that both fiscal and operational responsibility are upheld by implementing and monitoring financial controls to safeguard the City’s assets.  We strive to provide professional, courteous and reliable services that are timely, accurate and completed in a transparent and efficient manner.

To ensure the financial integrity of the City, qualified and educated personnel of the highest moral standards are employed by the department and separated into four functional divisions to include:

  • Accounting
  • Budget
  • Grants
  • Procurement
  • Risk Management
  • Tax Administration

The department prepares monthly financial reports and distributes these reports to the City Manager, Mayor and City Council in order to keep them informed of the expenditures of each department and the financial status of the City.  As required, the Finance department records all City revenues; ensures that adequate funds are available to meet daily financial obligations; ensures departmental expenditures are within budget; prepares payrolls, accounts payable payments and accounts receivable transactions; monitors businesses to ensure appropriate licenses are obtained and performs cash and debt service management; provides contract and procurement oversight; prepares annual budgets; and assists external auditors in completing annual audits.