The Department of Communications manages the city's official website and internal communications and publishes the city's digital magazine - South Fulton Voice.


The team constantly works to update the website to ensure pertinent content is accurate and up-to-date. For more general information, it meets twice monthly with each department to review assigned webpages so content is never more than two weeks out-of-date.

Communications also is building South Fulton Today, the city's independent news source. When completed the site will include the latest news, videos, a calendar of events, News You Can Use, blog content and a podcast. Stay tuned.

Internal Communication

Inside the city, we're the one who keep staff informed of city news, benefit updates, team successes, birthdays and anniversaries and other team-focused information. We feel an informed team works better and more efficiently for residents. Our internal tools include:

The Daily Drip

The Drip provides a quick shot of news to help staff prepare for the day. We think of it as conversation over coffee, a nice way to settle in.


The communications team is developing an intranet to tie together internal and external sources of staff information.

Employee Feedback

We're also developing a tool that will allow staff members to ask questions and share ideas as we seek to continually improve our processes and culture.

South Fulton Voice

The South Fulton Voice is the city's digital newsletter. It's designed and sent via a standard marketing e-mail service. Our goal is to build a contemporary, eye-catching digital monthly magazine. Watch for an opportunity to sign up for a free subscription later this year.