Human Resources

The City of South Fulton strives to be an employer of choice. We consistently achieve retention rates higher than industry standards. With our healthy retention rates, we are able to attract and retain qualified candidates and hold on to our top performers. The city has increased productivity each year and fosters a healthy workplace culture. We are focused on providing our employees with competitive benefits packages, value-add recognition programs, opportunities for growth, respect, commitment, and work life balance. 

The Human Resources Department strives to ensure salaries are competitive for all jobs at the City of South Fulton and our excellent benefits package has a positive and profound impact on employee retention.

The City’s workforce is committed to providing innovative, efficient, attentive, and courteous service through a set of shared values, including a strong customer service philosophy, accountability, teamwork, commitment to quality and continuous improvement.

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Equal Opportunity Employer

The City of South Fulton is an equal opportunity employer and supports workforce diversity.