The City of South Fulton does not provide trash collection services, enabling residents and businesses to contract with private collection services for trash pick-up. Sanitation Service providers are charged an annual Franchise Fee, which is five percent (5%) of its gross receipts.

Is there an ordinance that regulates the City of South Fulton Sanitation Services?

The Sanitation Service Ordinance was passed on Tuesday, October 9,2018. Please Click Here to view the Ordinance.

When will Sanitation Services Start?

Sanitation services are scheduled to begin on Thursday, November 1, 2018.

How much will Sanitation Services cost?

Cost of sanitation services will vary from vendor to vendor. 

Who are the Sanitation vendors?

The Sanitation vendors will be selected based on the qualifying criteria. Once selected, qualified vendors and their contact information will be listed on this page.

Do we have to pick one of these vendors for Sanitation Services?


Can we keep our current Sanitation Service provider?

Yes, you can keep your current sanitation service provider only if they are on the qualified vendors list.

What if we don’t currently have sanitation services?

You must have sanitation services and will be able to select a vendor from the qualified vendor list. 

Who do I contact for Recycling Services?

Recycling services will be provided by the vendors on the qualified vendor list. Once selected, their contact information will be available on the City’s website. 

Who do I contact for questions regarding Sanitation Services? 

City of South Fulton Procurement Department 


5440 Fulton Industrial Blvd S.W. 

Atlanta, Georgia 30336


Please stay tuned into the City’s website as more information regarding Sanitation Services will be provided.