Sanitation Information Sessions!

During the weeks of December 10th and 17th, the City of South Fulton Department of Public Works – Sanitation Division will hold information sessions throughout the City to give citizens an overview of the overall sanitation service model, inform them of the various available providers, and to listen to any concerns they may have about the service or provider(s).

Residents and community stakeholders will also have an opportunity to participate in the development of the City’s FY2019 strategic planning process through a discussion and a brief survey to help the City meet the five strategic goals as outlined by South Fulton’s executive leadership team, Mayor and Council.

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Find your District below and join us!

DISTRICT 1Wednesday, December 19, 2018
Southwest Arts Center
915 New Hope Road SW
Atlanta, GA 30331
DISTRICT 2Monday, December 10, 2018
Wolf Creek Library
3100 Enon Road
Atlanta, GA 30349
DISTRICT 3 & 5Thursday, December 13, 2018
South Fulton Annex
5600 Stonewall Tell Road
College Park, GA 30049
DISTRICT 4Wednesday, December 12, 2018
Arlington Christian School
4500 Ridge Road
Fairburn, GA 30213
DISTRICT 6 & 7Monday, December 17, 2018
Love T. Nolan Elementary School
2725 Creel Road
College Park, GA 30349


The City’s Solid Waste Ordinance No. 2018-041, adopted on October 23, 2018, has created a regulated industry where the City sets the standards for operations and allow waste collection vendors to contract directly with residents to establish trash collection services. Vendors are charged an infrastructure maintenance fee which is five percent (5%)of gross receipts.

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  1. To promote safety, sanitation, reliable waste collection, and protection of the environment and City streets and roads
  2. To assist with controlling illegal dumping

Overall Description of the Program

  1. Solid Waste Vendors must qualify with the City by meeting the minimum requirements of the Solid Waste Ordinance and secure a City of South Fulton Waste Collection permit.
  2. Authorized Vendors contract directly with Residents to establish waste collection services.
  3. Property Owners/Residents have the option of selecting any company from the approved Vendor list to provide service.
  4. The City charges approved vendors an infrastructure maintenance fee to assist with costs associated with maintaining the roads.
  5. Allows residents to maintain current sanitation service Vendor.

Is there an ordinance that regulates the City of South Fulton Sanitation Services?

The Sanitation Service Ordinance was passed on Tuesday, October 9,2018. Please Click Here to view the Ordinance.

How much will Sanitation Services cost?

Cost of sanitation services will vary from vendor to vendor. 

Who are the Sanitation vendors?

The following Vendors are approved to perform Waste Collection Service in the City:.

Fulton Sanitation And Recycling, LLC   
4185 Roosevelt Hwy
Atlanta, GA 30349
Phone: 678-630-7386
Service Areas: District 2, District 3, District 4, District 5, & District 7
Discounts: 5% Discount on all annual contracts/payments
Community Waste Disposal Inc
PO Box 1232
Dallas, GA 30132
Phone: 770-382-0736
Contact Person: Tim Hornbuckle
Service Areas: District 1 & District 2
Discounts: 5% Senior Discount
Latham Home Sanitation
7756 B Hampton Place
Loganville, GA 30052
Contact: Barbara Latham
Phone: 770-554-0455
Service Areas: District 3, District 4, & District 5
Discounts: 10% Senior Discount
Reliable Sanitation
4780 Highway 5, Suite E
Douglasville, GA 30135
Phone: 770-943-6900
Service Areas: District 2, District 3, & District 4
Discounts: No Discounts
Waste Industries
6925 Roosevelt Highway
Fairburn, GA 30123
Phone: 770-474-9273
Service Areas: All Districts
Discounts: 10% Senior Discount and $1.00 Monthly Military Discount
Waste Pro of Georgia
4785 Fulton Industrial Blvd. SW
Atlanta, GA 30336
Phone: 770-777-1447
Service Areas: District 1, District 2, & District 3
Discounts: 5% Senior Discount

NOTE: All vendors must provide the above listed services; however, individual vendors may charge additional fees for services beyond regular waste.

NOTE: Some vendors offer discounts including: senior citizens, people with disabilities and others (i.e. new customer, sign-up by ‘X’ date, etc.). Please contact each vendor individually for their list of discounts.

NOTE: Vendor may not serve the entire district(s).

The following Companies Provide Services only to businesses and industries in all 7 districts within the City:

Advanced Disposal
300 Colonial Center Parkway, Suite 2030
Roswell, GA 30076
Phone: 678-495-0058
Service Areas: All Districts
Republic Services
3045 Hollowell Parkway NW
Atlanta, GA 30318
Contact: Monica Moseley
Phone: 404-693-9230
Service Areas: All Districts
Waste Management
3001 South Pioneer Drive
Smyrna, GA 30082
Phone: 404-749-6707
Service Areas: All Districts

Do we have to pick one of these vendors for Sanitation Services?


Can we keep our current Sanitation Service provider?

Yes, you can keep your current sanitation service provider only if they are on the qualified vendors list.

What if we don’t currently have sanitation services?

You must have sanitation services and will be able to select a vendor from the qualified vendor list. 

What if Sanitation services are not available in my area?

Waste industries serves the entire City.

What is the deadline to select a service provider?

Residents must contract for sanitation services by the extended deadline of February 1, 2019.

Can I request an Exemption?

Property Owners/Residents must have sanitation services provided from a vendor on the qualified vendor list. The Sanitation Ordinance does not provide exceptions to securing services with a sanitation vendor, including landfill operators, who is not under contract with the City.

Are vendors mandated to offer both trash and recycling services?

Yes, vendors are mandated to offer both trash and recycling services.

Is the COSF mandating vendors to charge residents the 5% fee?

No. The 5% infrastructure fee is charged to vendors. However, vendors may pass the cost to customers.

Purpose of Fee: The fee is to assist with managing the wear and tear on the roadways as a result of delivering waste collection services as well as to compensate vendors to provide sanitation services to uncovered residences.

What does this mean for residents? Solid Waste providers maintain the right to charge a fair, competitive market price. The City strongly encourages vendors to absorb the Infrastructure Maintenance fee; however, the decision to pass the fee to customers or to absorb is up to the vendor’s discretion. The City encourages citizens to contact their preferred vendor with concerns and preferences.

Who do I contact for Recycling Services?

Recycling services will be provided by the vendors on the qualified vendor list. 

Who do I contact for questions regarding Sanitation Services? 

City of South Fulton  


5440 Fulton Industrial Blvd S.W. 

Atlanta, Georgia 30336