Zoning Cases


The City of South Fulton began accepting zoning applications on November 1, 2017. Provided below is a record of all cases received by the City of South Fulton.



South Fulton Service Center
5600 Stonewall Tell Road
College Park, GA 30349

Community Zoning Information Meeting (CZIM)

The meeting begins at 6 p.m. and is for general information purposes only.

Planning Commission Hearings

Planning Commission hearings begin at 6:30 p.m.  

Zoning Board of Appeals Hearings

Zoning Board of Appeals hearings begin at 1 p.m. 

Mayor & Council Zoning Hearings

Mayor and Council zoning hearings begin at 7 p.m.


Case Number
Location Staff Report
Planning Commission
Mayor & Council
Z18-008 Ella Ln within Renaissance at South Park Report 7/12/18 Approval with conditions on 8/21/18 Approved on 9/24/18
Z18-007 6926 Campbellton Rd Report 4/12/18 Withdrawn Withdrawn
Z18-006 Jones Rd Report 4/12/18 Approval with conditionson 5/15/18 Approved with conditions on 7/24/18
Z18-005 West Stubbs at Cascade Palmetto Report 4/12/18 Withdrawn Withdrawn
Z18-004 1180 Utoy Springs Rd Report 4/12/18 Denial on 5/15/28 Denied on 7/24/28
Z18-003 8000 - 8205 Spence Road Report 3/8/18
Denial on 4/17/18 Denied on 6/5/18
Z18-002 3725 Flat Shoals Road Report 2/8/18 Approval  on 4/3/18 Denied on 6/5/18
Z18-001 Old National Highway at Jonesboro Road Report 2/8/18 Withdrawn Withdrawn
Z17-004 Old National Highway at Bigwood Trail Report 1/25/18 Approval  on 2/20/18 Approved 3/27/18
Z17-003 7050 Goodson Road
Report 1/25/18 Approval  on 2/20/18 Approved 4/10/18


Case Number Location Staff Report
CZIM Mayor and Council
M18-005 3900 Cascade Road Report 7/12/18 Approved with condition on 9/24/18
M18-004 4644 Marching Lane Report 6/14/18 Withdrawn on 8/28/18
M18-003 Renaissance at South Park subdivision  Report 5/10/18 Approved on 8/28/18
M18-002 Old Jonesboro Landing Subdivision Report 2/8/18 Denied on 4/10/18
M18-001 Riverwalk Trace Subdivision Report 2/8/18 Approved on 6/5/18
M17-003 Roosevelt Highway at John Rivers Road Report 1/25/18 Approved on 2/27/18


Case Number
Location Staff Report
Zoning Board of Appeals
V18-005 3900 Cascade Road Report Withdrawn on 8/28/18
V18-004 1700 Waterway Crossing Report Approved  with Conditions on 7/19/18
V18-003 Wolf Creek Chase subdivision Report Approved on 4/19/18
V18-002 Overlook at Camp Creek Phase 1A Report Approved  on 3/29/18
V18-001 Overlook at Camp Creek Phase 1 Report Approved  on 3/29/18
V17-012 6010 Campbellton Fairburn Road Report Withdrawn
V17-011 4644 Marching Lane Report Withdrawn
V17-010 100 Lakeview Court Southwest Report Approved on 2/15/18
V17-009 Old National Highway at Bigwood Trail Report
Various decisions on 4/19/18 & 5/17/18

Use Permits

Case No. Location Staff Report CZIM Planning Commission Mayor & Council
U18-003 3900 Cascade Rd Report 7/12/18 Deferred to 9/18/18 Deferred to 10/23/18
U18-002 3910 Old Fariburn Rd Report 5/10/18 Denial on 8/21/18 Denied on 9/24/18
U18-001 6600 Old National Highway Report 5/10/18 Approval w/ conditions on 7/17/18 Approved on 8/28/18