April 2017  

• Swearing-in of Mayor and City Council
• Key Hire & Appointments: City Clerk, Interim City Manager, Interim City Attorney, and Deputy City Clerk
• Adoption of the City Charter
• All Fulton County ordinances were adopted
• Council placed a 90-day moratorium on the issuance of alcohol license permits and zoning applications
• City entered into franchise agreements with Georgia Power, Greystone Power, and Comcast

May 2017

• May 1, 2017: The First official day as the City of South Fulton. Staff moved into City Hall at 5440 Fulton Industrial Blvd.
• Key Hires: Chief Financial Officer, Controller, Deputy Director Human Resources, Assistant to the City Manager
• Launched city website: www.cityofsouthfultonga.gov
• Council authorized the City to enter into an InterGovernmental Agreement (IGA) with Fulton County for essential services-Police, Fire, Public Works, Parks and Recreation
• First Proclamation presented by the Council to the Governor's Transition Commission

June 2017

• Mayor and Council attended the Georgia Municipal Association Convention in Savannah, GA
• Key Hire: Director of Human Resources, Assistant Clerk, and Executive Assistant to Mayor
• City Council participated in their first retreat with Clarification and Mediation, Inc.
• City Council approved pension and health benefits package for employees
• HR conducted the first employee orientation for the new city

July 2017

• Six employees transitioned to Planning and Community Development Services from Fulton Co.
• City Council participated in a strategic planning session with Carl Vinson Institute of Government
• City Council established the Planning Commission, Zoning Board of Appeals and the Board of
Code Enforcement

August 2017

• August 8, 2017: First 100 Days as a city
• Presentation on Fulton County Transit Master Plan and TSPLOST Project
• Key Hires: Communications and External Affairs Director, Purchasing Manager, Director Community Development Services, City Engineer, Transitioned 16 Code Enforcement officers
• Business License and Tax transitioned three employees from Fulton County
• Social Media platforms launched: Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook
• City of South Fulton participated in the national #CityHallSelfie Day Campaign
• Presentation from Connect South Fulton
• Council authorized the City to enter into an InterGovernmental Agreement (IGA) with the Fulton County Tax Commissioner to collect City of South Fulton taxes
• The Consulate-General of Japan visited City Hall

September 2017

• September 19, 2017: Tiffany Carter Sellers appointed and confirmed as the city's first Municipal Court Judge
• Key Hires: Municipal Court Administrator, Clerk of Court, Two Senior Court Clerks

November 2017 

• More than 100 Fulton County Police Officers took the Oath of Service to protect and serve the City of South Fulton
• City Council voted to change the City's name from City of South Fulton to Renaissance